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bossy, mixtape

International Women's Day

Posted by procrastin_8 on 2007.02.26 at 14:49

The info fair is free but the dinner is $10 or $20 based on what you can afford. 

Strong Voices, Strong Women

International Women’s Day Celebration
Thursday, March 8, 2007
The Loft – 3rd Floor
Albert Community Centre 

6:00 pm
– Free Community Fair
7:00 pm - Dinner and Program

Tickets: $20 & $10 /no & low-income
Available in advance until March 5th at YWCA
For more information please phone the
USSU Women’s Centre - 966-6980
YWCA - 244-0944 

Organized by the Saskatoon Women’s Community Coalition


Grassy Narrows Event

Posted by ivytheadventure on 2007.02.23 at 16:54
Grassy Narrows Blockaders Speak in Saskatoon
Respect Native Rights; Protect Ancient Forests

Indigenous activists behind the Grassy Narrows logging blockade will speak about
their fight to protect their culture, their forests, and their Indigenous
people’s right to self-determination on their Traditional Territory. The event
will include live music.

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007 at 6:30-9pm

Saskatoon public library downtown
311 23rd St East, Saskatoon
Wheelchair accessible

FREE. Donations to support Grassy Narrows are welcome.

2,500 square miles of forests, lakes and rivers north of Kenora, Ontario have
sustained the people of Grassy Narrows First Nation for thousands of years. Now
Weyerhaeuser, and Abitibi, with the consent of the Ontario government are
driving a wave of destructive logging that threatens to uproot their
traditional way of life.

On December 2nd, 2002 the indigenous youth of the Grassy Narrows First Nation
lay down in the path of industrial logging machines – blocking access to their
traditional homeland. Their action sparked the longest standing indigenous
logging blockade in Canadian history.

But, more than four years later, logging is still taking place on remote
sections of Grassy Narrows’ land, and on January 17th, the people of Grassy
Narrows called for a moratorium on all logging on their traditional lands.
Weyerhaeuser, Abitibi, and the Ontario Government refuse to stop the logging,
and respect the community’s right to manage their territory as they see fit.

Endorsed by: Rainforest Action Network, University of Saskatchewan Indigenous
Peoples Program, Sierra Youth Coalition, Saskatoon Amnesty International Group
33, Saskatchewan Boreal Forest Learning Centre

For more information check out:

Contact: sashalex25@hotmail.com, Alex

New Knitting group

Posted by superfunkmobile on 2007.01.29 at 10:18
Current Mood: nerdy
My friend Jackie is starting up a knitting club. We'll meet every couple of weeks at a pub, and make stuff and gossip. Don't be scared if you're not very good, cuz we're not either. :) I'm excited, I think it'll be lots of fun. So I'm recruiting, like every good lady ought. If you like yarn (or just drinking with other crafty ladies, even), email Jackie at freeflowdance@hotmail.com.

Knit Wits knitting club

Posted by ms_mushroom on 2006.12.05 at 15:32
the futon is going to mylittlelovely. if she does not pick it up by friday, the futon goes to christinerg.

also available:
vcr $10
tv stand (T shaped, turnable top, would also make a good coffee table) $5
small white beside lamp. $5

*sigh* i wish i had a camera


still available

Posted by ms_mushroom on 2006.12.04 at 13:51
to give away:
futon sofa bed- wooden frame, size: double

Wetaskiwin of Saskatchewan Closing Saturday

Posted by superfunkmobile on 2006.12.01 at 15:13
Current Mood: happyhappy

There hasn't been much traffic here lately so I thought I'd post about my partner's reception:

The Wetaskiwin of Saskatchewan
Closing Reception
Saturday, Dec. 2, 8pm
@ Royal Red (in Phonographique, 105 - 226 Pacific Avenue, across from Dance Sask)

It's drawings of shacks and huts, and, uh, free cookies!

cheap/free photocopying

Posted by raspberry_mango on 2006.11.03 at 06:20
Alright folks, I'm putting out my first ever zine and I was wondering what places were easy to scam or cheap for photocopying? I have a part time job and go to highschool so fundings..eugh, limited. The idea of charging for my zine makes me sad, though.

Also, if anyone could explain to me how to double side things on the machine, I would be very happy.

bossy, mixtape
Posted by procrastin_8 on 2006.10.05 at 12:22
What do International Trade Agreements and the desire to escape Saskatchewan winters have in common?

Oxfam Canada and the Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation (SCIC) are presenting a public event October 12th to discuss the impacts of trade agreements and tourism on agriculture in the global South.

Olfania Mena
Olfania Mena is a Director of the National federation of Agricultural and Agroindustrial Cooperatives of Nicaragua (FENACOOP), and has more than fifteen years of experience with Nicaraguan cooperatives and agriculture.

Larry Marshall
Larry Marshall is a farmer from Shellbrook, SK who has been involved in organic agricultural exchanges since 1990 to Cuba, China, Zimbabwe and Costa Rica.

EE Burritos Restaurant
(corner of 22nd Street and Avenue P)
Thursday, October 12, 2006
7:00 pm - 9:00pm

DJ and dancing to follow!
¡Traiga sus zapatos de baile!

¿Qué tienen en común los Acuredos Comerciales Internacionales y el deseo de escapar de los inviernos de Saskatchewan?

Oxfam Canada y SCIC van a presentar una actividad pública el 12 de octubre para discutir los acuerdos comerciales y el turismo y sus impactos en la agricultura del sur global.

Olfania Mena
Olfania Mena es una Directora de la Federación Nacional de Cooperativas Agropecuaria y Agroindustriales (FENACOOP R.L.) y Coordinadora de Atención del Area de la Mujer Cooperativista.

Larry Marshall
Larry Marshall es agricultor de Shellbrook, SK que ha sido participante en programas de intercambio en la agricultura orgánica desde el año 1990 en Cuba, China, Zimbabwe y Costa Rica


Free Meditation Workshop

Posted by ivytheadventure on 2006.08.29 at 14:17
Saturday, Sept. 16th. 1-5pm
@ Positive Passions

When many people think of meditation, they think of the “emptiness
meditations” of Buddhist monks. This is a difficult form of meditation,
which is not as useful to a North American life style as focused
meditation is. Focused meditation can be used to increase awareness of
a part of our body, aura, hara or an external object such as a plant,
gemstone or other person. In this workshop, I intend to focus primarily
on cleansing, charging, expanding and harmonizing our auras, which can
increase emotional
and mental clarity, sixth sense awareness, physical health, intuition
and more.


Positive Passions

Posted by ivytheadventure on 2006.08.28 at 11:25
Sex Toys 101 – Monday, Sept. 18, 7-9pm. Free presentation,
pre-registration preferred. Ever wonder what all those gadgets are and
what they do? Not sure how to introduce toys to your relationship? Come
to our workshop to find all this out and more!

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